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Article writing company

Some of the steps we take to keep your readers hooked with great quality article writing services include –

We are equipped with in-depth knowledge of SEO optimized article writing services. We deliver keyword rich content that is added meaningfully into the content without disrupting the flow of thought. This way the readers will find the article easy to read, and the search engine bots will index the page for better rankings. Our 100% unique content is passed through Copyscape premium edition to ensure that completely original content boosts your search engine ranking further.

2. Great mix of topics: We have a strict research based article writing process. This helps us design 1000-2000 words website articles on almost any topic, niche, or domain.

For addressing these queries, it will be best to avail our SEO article writing services. With well structured, unbiased, and well researched articles, you can drive quality site traffic and improve search rankings.

Our Article Writing Services Highlights

Our article writers are adept at delivering high quality articles within timelines. We make sure that your article writing budget is kept reasonable. This way, you can avail of incredible ROI when you engage with us for original, meaningful, relevant, and informative article writing services.

Textuar’s article writing services has a stringent mechanism of preliminary research that ensures that the final article is relevant, meaningful, and informative. For this we determine your readership persona, collect free found data to build matter for the article, and see what the competition or other industry influencers have to say on a given topic. This research work helps us a get a broad-based perspective into the topic for which we will be writing the article.

3. Unique: Being a professional article writing company , we place a non-negotiable emphasis on delivering high quality and unique articles every single time. For you every article means one more way to attract and engage high quality site traffic and increase the chances of sales conversions.

1. Quick Submission: Our article writing services adhere to quality and content structuring benchmarks of leading article publishing sites like ezine. This leads to swifter article submission without the need for multiple iteration to approve the draft

Article writing company

In order to capture the most amount of traffic from Google and through your social media channels, your business needs to be creating and distributing high-quality content all the time.

Express Writers is a USA-based writing team was founded by Julia McCoy in 2011. This blog writing and copy writing company has a hand-picked team of over 40 writers and editors, USA-based, with experience and degrees from Master’s in English to a background in marketing and engineering. This blog writing provider has completed thousands of written projects successfully.

While high-quality blog content can be highly beneficial to your Google rankings, low-quality blog posts can really hurt.

Textbroker’s authors are freelancers, able to work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Textbroker ensures that authors come from the target countries for each platform. For example, only permits U.S.-based authors. Textbroker serves a wide variety of clients, from small local businesses to travel portals to publishing houses to some of the largest companies in the world.

Blogging is not an SEO silver bullet.

Article writing company

While linkable content creation falls under their custom link building program, standard blog posts can be ordered directly through their website.

We have scoured the Internet to find the best-outsourced content writing companies for your business or agency.

Textbroker can offer a service level and price point for almost every need, so clients can choose to place and review orders themselves, or ask Textbroker to manage every aspect of requesting, reviewing and posting their content. Textbroker also has relationships with thousands of webmasters and agencies, from search or web design agencies with a few clients to multi-national advertising agencies. Textbroker takes care of content creation, so agencies can focus on more strategic activities for their clients.

Article writing company

8. Scripted

Article writing company

Simply submit a topic through their internal dashboard, and the writers get started. Once they finish one article, they immediately start with the next.

On the other hand, most businesses – especially small businesses – do not have the in-house writing resources to create, publish and distribute great content.

Ghost Blog Writers is a blog writing service that provides a regular schedule of blog posts for businesses. Ghost Blog Writers assigns a dedicated blog writer to your account. They provide you with blog titles, posts and the service includes uploading and formatting of every post to your blog. Although $40 will get you a 400 word blog post, it will cost you $65 for a 600 to 800-word blog post. While their rates are listed as “per post”, if you read the fine print, they do not accept one-off orders. One issue with many of these site is that the try to get to pay a lot in advance, or they to to get you on a recurring billing cycle.

In the company’s own words “Blog Hands was designed to provide you with the quality of work of an in-house writer at the cost and flexibility of outsourcing.”

Article writing company

Writers Weekly isn’t a blog. Instead, it is an online publication that is distributed to paying subscribers.

You can also get paid to blog about earning and saving money by writing for MoneyPantry.

You can either contribute short articles and round ups or in-depth tutorials.

The list has been updated for 2020 and contains publications that Writers in Charge has confirmed are actually paying writers for articles in 2020.

#9. Make a Living Writing

Unlike websites that only give you a portion of revenue your article generates (in which case little or no views means little or no earnings), ALL the publications listed below pay an agreed-upon fee for each article you submit that they accept. Many pay when an article is accepted. Others pay after your article is published.

While you can indeed get paid to write for blogs and magazines, most compilations of websites and blogs that pay writers mainly feature publications that use a revenue-share model: in other words, how much you make depends on the success of your article — and you often need to get tens of thousands of views to your articles to earn about $50. In a situation where you get little to no views, you earn nothing.

They pay $50 – $70 per article if you’re submitting a quick tip tutorial and $150 – $200 per article if you’re submitting a regular tutorial. They are also willing to pay more for articles by high profile artists and educators.

Article writing company

Your branding — that is, the color scheme, typography, logo and messaging you use on all of your marketing materials — communicates who you are as a company. Strong, consistent branding will bring attention to your company, create trust and ensure that people remember you. This being said, your website design — along with everything from your email marketing campaigns to your social media profiles — should reflect your brand identity and complement the narrative that you’re presenting in your About Us page.

The good news is that the process doesn’t have to be complicated. With the help of these golden rules, you’ll be able to create a compelling About Us page that online visitors can’t resist.

Lisa Morrison, Mary Morrison and Katey Vankirk, owners of Morrison’s Irish Pub in Alton, Illinois, want their patrons to feel at home when they’re in the bar. The trio is also dedicated to creating an authentic Irish pub environment for everyone who walks through their doors. Morrison’s, as they explain on their website, is like an “Ireland away from Ireland.” The images and graphics displayed on their About Us page are intended to support their messaging while grabbing visitors’ attention.

Want your story to stick with readers? Sum it up with a short and sweet, memorable tagline. Your tagline will capture your company’s essence, personality and values to help you stand out from the crowd. Before you write one, think about what your company is about, who your customers are and how you help them.

4. Be true to your brand

Article writing company

The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” definitely rings true in many cases. Staff pics, behind-the-scenes peeks and old photos add context and color to your company description.

In short, when it comes to your About Us page, be interesting, be accurate and, above all, be yourself!

People do business with people, so let your personality shine in your writing. Being a little funny, if that’s your style, can definitely help you stand out among your competitors and help customers feel connected to your company. Just keep it authentic.


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